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01 OCT 2016
October in Formentera

Formentera in October

Even though the mega yachts have gone and most villas are empty by now, Formentera is still a great place to visit if you are looking for a peaceful and extremely beautiful island for your October holidays. This little island still has some great summerlike days all the way up to Christmas actually...

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24 SEP 2016
Underwater plants Posidonia in FOrmentera

Formentera Posidonia

The crystal clear waters of Formentera are thanks to this magnificent underwater plant called Posidonia. It could perhaps be the most undervalued treasure of the island of Formentera. It is said that this plant is the reason why the color of the water in Formentera is so clear and turquoise...

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18 SEP 2016
Formentera Salamanders

Formentera Wildlife - Salamanders

Probably the most famous creature on the island of Formentera. These cheeky little creatures are quite used to the passing of poeple and can sometimes be seen jumping on tables and are usually not very scared of humans. They have become somewhat of a symbol here on Formentera...

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12 SEP 2016
Yoga in your villa in Formentera

Yoga in the comfort of your villa

Formentera is a great island to practice Yoga. There are not a lot of retreats yearly however there are some alternatives to do Yoga in the comfort of your own villa or even hotel room. Many people visiting Formentera have some connection to Yoga or have practiced it before...

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05 SEP 2016
Paddle board in FOrmentera

Paddleboarding in Formentera

Due to the shape of the island, Formentera almost always offers a side that has calm waters. This is great for swimming and relaxing by the beach, however for the more active people this offers a great opportunity to practice your paddle boarding skills while on holidays...

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29 AUG 2016
hiking and cycling in Formentera

New hiking & cycling tracks

The Formentera Council has lately marked several new, and very interesting, cycling and hiking routes on the island of Formentera. They have made it very easy to the newly arrived tourists to better explore the island without too much risk of getting lost along the way!

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21 AUG 2016
Nudism in Formentera

Nudism on the island of Formentera

Formentera is, and has always been, a very free spirit minded island. Once home to the hippies in the late 60s coming over from Ibiza, and looking for the freedom to express, live, and undress... Nudity is accepted on most beaches on Formentera, as there are no specific zones...

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15 AUG 2016
Best beaches in the world are in Formentera

Best beaches in the world are in Formentera

Many believe it to be a fact... Formentera has the most beautiful beaches in the world. We believe it is not just because of the color of the water nor the pristine white beaches only. It has to do with a combination of factors that make going to the beach such an enjoyable experience...

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