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Nudity in FOrmentera

Going Nude in Formentera

Formentera is, and has always been, a very free spirit minded island. Once home to the hippies in the late 60s coming over from Ibiza, and looking for the freedom to express, live, and undress... Nudity is accepted on most beaches on Formentera, as there are no specific zones for nude only or the other way around.

Once home to hippies looking for the freedom to express, live, and undress...

If we have to pick one area that would be most adecuate for nudity on the beach it would be the Migjorn area. This long strip of beach is the more authentic part of the island and has more of a mix between rocky and sandy areas. This creates little coves and more covered beaches for more privacy and not having to share your nudity with too many people at once!

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