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Formentera, the last paradise...

Tucked away in the Mediterranean Sea just below its bigger sister Ibiza, lies this once very sleepy Fishermans island. It's name originates from the Latin word for Granary and has been occupied for thousands of years now, starting with the Carthaginians and Romans, followed by many other old world civilizations including the Arabs and even Norwegians. Eventually the island was conquered by the Catalans and has been part of Catalunya and now Spain. It now has its own local island government with its minucipality.

Formentera is approxiamtely 19 kilometres long from one end to the other on this boomerang shaped island. It currently has an estimated population of 13,000 residents, howver we believe this to be less duirng the winter months and more during the summer season. Formentera has got two little islands that belong to the municipality which are Espalmador and Espardell.

In the early 60s hippies started coming over from Ibiza looking for the pristine beaches and absolute peace that is Formentera. The island has never lost that spirit since even when its bigger sister Ibiza might have already lost this.

A destination for hippies since the early 60's

Happy Hippy in Formentera

The main roads on Formentera have improved a lot over the last years and the main asphalted roads make getting around very easy by car or scooter. The local council is also trying to improve possibilities for better discovering of the island by bicylce. Making seperate cycling lanes and opening up new routes, also for hiking and mountain biking. Lately the council is supporting all sorts of green programs in order to cut down on traffic as much as possible.

The official language on Formentera is Catalan, or at least a dialect of it which is called 'Pages' (payés). You will find that most locals have some knowledge of either Italian or German, as people from these countries have been visiting the island mainly over the last decades.

Calo des mort Beach Formentera
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